A New Blog

October 1st, 2021

With this article, my blog has officially came to life!!!

I’ve wanted to create a blog for over a year now and have been started and stopped numerous times. Sometimes I gained a mad burst of inspiration and really hammer down. But this feeling would inevitably fizzle out and die.

 My day job is technically a web developer so I thought this would extremely easy. Just need to sit my ass down and whip something up, but it wasn’t. You see, I wanted to use new technologies and new methods and all that shit. So I researched, tried, found it’s too damn hard and then played some games instead. This process repeated for months and months.

Why did I suddenly start now? Time has been accelerating for me, I cannot be stuck on this blog and leave all my other ideas to the wayside. Thus I tried to make things simple as possible

 But Kay, why even bother create your own site? There’s so many easy ways to get a blog out there these days. Hell, you don’t even need to code, use Medium or Substack and boom, instant blog. Why waste over a year, fucking around, instead of using existing options?

There’s this side of me that likes creating things, likes the thrill and the challenge. Sure I could do some clickty click and get my writings out there. If I didn’t use Medium or Substack, there’s Wordpress and Shopify to use. Why bother creating something that already exists?

 There’s a danger in that logic, everything in the world has already been created, eventually you’ll never create anything. But that knowledge isn’t yours, you don’t know how to create a website, create that blog, use Laravel, Vue and hack up a CMS. Only by creating can you transform what is in your head to the world. Also, it’s fun. Just using a premade solution is boring, there’s create joy in the craft of things.

So that's the story on how I took over 2 years, dicking around, really not doing much, constantly restarting the project, to create my simple ass blog.