Our brain on porn | Gary Wilson | Personal Summary And Findings

August 21st, 2022

Porn is vastly different from real sex and connection. It’s an infinite choice and variety. Pre internet, there was magazines, or erotic text. Realistically, you wouldn’t fap too much to it since there’s not that much choice and would get boring eventually. It’s also slow and more imaginative. Post internet porn is fast, and extremely available. It has every form of sub fetish possible. As such, masturbation tends to be quicker. Then, as we get bored of one type of porn, it goes more and more extreme, into hard core, etc.

  This has real life consequences, like porn induced erectile dysfunction (ED), pre-mature ejaculation, and just not having sex-drive for real human females anymore. Why? Because real females are completely different from porn. They aren’t the hardcore subfetish that your brain got used to. Not to mention they’re only a single choice, when online, you have infinite choice of whatever body matches your current desire. These consequences aren’t talked to as much, because it’s shamed, embarrassing to admit, even to our doctors who are legally obligated to keep details confidential. Ah the penis, the most private part no one wants to serious discuss with anybody. If I were into hardcore porn and got porn-included erectile dysfunction, never being able to have sex with my partner, there’s no way I’d talk about that to ANYBODY. I would break up with my partner, just to not face a daily reminder of my inability.

  Hence why there’s movements like NoFap November, to help those who went too deep in porn recover. Where people have said, after a few months of no stopping porn, they started to recover their porn induced ED, sex drive towards real females and pre-mature ejaculation. Most of the evidence is anecdotes. Somehow I think research would be difficult. What would the advert look like? Questionnaire, if you watch hardcore porn, please apply. Not to mention funding would be problematic, it isn’t exactly mass marketable and displays how advanced and highly regarded a University is…

  It’s likely that porn isn’t the best for us, it has long term consequences on our mental relationships with real females, sex drive and can cause erectile dysfunction. There’s good reason why most porn titles aren’t straight sex, they involve step sisters or something of the like. Watching porn/fapping 5-12 times a week is too damn much, no longer why that guy had problems! Personally, I think reduced porn intake would be the best. Pleasure with minimal consequences. After all, not everyone has a partner, hook-ups take time/effort to arrange and prostitutes are expensive.