Minorities always HATE mainland minorities

September 17th, 2023

Mainlanders have different cultures and that usually is dodgy in outside countries. This dodgy behaviour affect general perceptions and actions against all of that minority group, even the assimilated ones. Hence, assimilated miniorities are treated as dodgy, all because of mainlanders, and so begins the cycle of hatred.

My Chinese friend always talked shit about the mainland Chinese people. But, this guy was in Australia for less than 2 years, he was born and raised in China. Why on earth is there such a dislike for the mainlanders? My grandpa, Asian, born in Asia, raised in Asia, has been living in Australia for over 20 years. Even he dislikes the mainlander. He once told me, “Yo Kay, you aren’t Asian anymore, you’re Australian. Look at current Asian behaviour, dirty, crime ridden, dodgy, don’t associate your name with them anymore.”

  Slater Slate Codex mentioned that people don’t hate the outsiders, they hate the in group. For minorities, this ingroup is always their own ethnicity, but it’s not the assimilated ones. You see, assimilated and mainland minorities act drastically differently, they simply have 2 different cultures. But, most importantly, bad behaviour from mainland minorities adversity affects assimilated minorities, despite them and the rest of their group doing nothing.

  Have you ever experienced a mainland Indian, with their behaviour and mannerisms that is meant to deal with 1 billion people? There’s nothing worse than being behind a mainland Indian on the airplane. They don’t have any concept of personal space or common decently. The lady I was behind reclined her chair all the way back, leaving me barely any room to just sit. Even when it was time for food, she had to be told multiple times from the airline staff to put her seat upright. They also tend to be dirty, extremely dirty.

  Because it’s impossible to determine an assimilated and mainland Indian at a glance, that means all of them are treated as if they engage in the typical mainland behaviour. Effectively, it is racism and prejudice, even the most assimilated and educated minority is subject to such treatment, despite never doing anything to warrant that.

  So, the hatred grows, even more so as the numbers of mainlanders increase. Hence the general consensus on certain minorities dodgy behaviour cements itself through all walks of life. Like how shops are on guard against black people, the constant observation of black people being thief has changed how shops operate and train their staff against shoplifting. People can sense any change in behaviour, and it is no pleasant feeling.

  The exact same has happened to me, I’m Asian, people sterotype that Asians are smart and project that onto myself. Hence people I don’t know assume I’m smart, despite myself being a fucking dumbass and it annoys me greatly. In Australia, Aboriginals are ALWAYS drunk, not the just a cheeky drink drunk, but the I hate my life, everything sucks, drown myself in alcohol level drunk. So, now, each time I pass a group of Aboriginals, assuming they’re drunk and thus prone to unpredictable and aggressive behaviour.