Sun and Steel: Reforging the Body

April 16th, 2023

Body and mind are linked. Forge the body, and you’ll forge your mind. Not only physically stronger, but also mentally strengthened.

Sun and Steel was a book by an insane Japanese dude who seen the military aggression of Japan and then the softness, inflected by consumer goods. He ended his life after storming a JDF compound and then committed Seppuku. Pretty god damn nuts if you ask me. The book, Sun and Steel was an autobiography about reforging the body. Where to forge the body also forges the mind. They’re both intrinsically linked together. Just like soul eater said, a healthy soul resides in a healthy mind in a healthy body.

  There’s something fucking magical about forging the body. It like reduces your anxiety about this and that. In a way, you just become you. There’s less bullshit and less oh no my body sucks and all that. Your mind sharpens up, your senses don’t get dulled. But, most importantly, each time you exercise, each time you forge your soul, there’s power that springs forth like no tomorrow. Sun and STEEL baby.

  The body is the most direct connection one has to the mind. The body literally houses the mind. The worse the state of the body, the worse the state of the mind, with some exceptions. After 30, our mental state degrades in a linear fashion and there’s virtually no way to prevent this. Exercise slows down this progress so that we age gracefully. My grandpa is reaching over 70 but he doesn’t seem that physically old. Constant farmwork, moving around most of his body, and walking more than a few km per day just due to work has forged his body. Others aren’t the same, their body becomes weak and frail, as if a gust of wind would blow them over. They have not been forged in the sun, they have not become steel.

  Forging the body directly shifts your mindset, where what was lamented as impossible no longer becomes so. You feel invincible. Even beset by an infinite number of worldly issues, they don’t become your Achilles heel, instead, it’s merely a stepping stone towards further greatness.