The Potential Consequences of AI-Generated Child Pornography

March 1st, 2022

Shortly after deepfakes were created, alarms were raised about how it could be used to create fake child pornography (CP). Most of the deepfakes sites have veered away from hosting this type of content, understandable due to the dangerous attention it could bring itself. Despite all the laws, regulations, arrests and website take downs, this CP never ceases to exist. Recently, in 2021, someone in Japan was arrested for owning several CP magazines he bought from Germany. How on earth is that possible? Germany has all the same laws and regulations as other places in regard to CP, yet someone could fly in and out after purchasing a CP magazine.

 Psychopathic serial killers aren’t normal people. They kill obsessively even when it makes no sense to do so. Like how Ted Bundy escaped from prison, only to immediately go back to kill again. Any logical person would at least wait until things cool down again. Society has to grapple with the fact some people are just born with a certain mindset. They didn’t choose to be like this, it’s just nature.

 Perhaps child paedophiles are the same, created due to evolutionary processes gone wrong. Most people act softer around children, like smiling, laughing, or pulling funny faces. Biologically this makes sense. If we were like lions, who cast their cubs into the wilderness to survive, humanity wouldn’t exist today. Then what if this natural tendency to like children went a step too far? So are child paedophiles like psychopaths? Are they inborn or can they be created?

 You can generate non-existent humans with AI. Right now, deepfakes paste faces over existing models. It still requires real people. But soon enough AI can generate entirely fabricated scenes and people, without Hollywood’s multi-million dollar budgets. Then, if someone were to create use AI to create CP, that’s entirely fake, what would happen? Would that still be illegal, even though they aren’t real and doesn’t harm real children? Would the spread of this software actually be beneficial? Due to a rise of fake CP and a dramatic decline of real CP. That is free market economics take over. Or would this create a new generation that thirsts after the real thing?

 Humans can be desensitised to nearly anything, and overtime, go down a deeper and deeper hole. ISIS produced gory videos to normalise violence and it worked quite well in their forces. Such desensitisation occurs within the military and police, eventually being exposed to enough violence results in equally violent retribution to enemies. Porn tends to drift people towards more extreme content, as straight sex becomes tame and boring for them. Just like how marriages become stagnant and partners wish for more sexual variety, usually in the form of cheating.

 Child paedophile is both born and made. Genetic processes might depose a person towards liking children to a disturbing degree. Whilst desensitisation drags others down a rabbit hole that may end up with someone going to Germany to purchase a CP magazine. In the beginning, AI-generated CP would have a positive outcome, children aren’t being harmed in the making of such videos. Eventually, when one doesn’t want the “fake” stuff anymore, they’ll turn to the real sources. With demand, there will ALWAYS be supply. US couldn’t stop physical drugs from entering the country, even with over $1 trillion spent. So how could they prevent digital goods that can’t be stopped with car inspections, sniffer dogs or border security?

I was quite ambivalent about posting this. Notice how I keep using the term, CP? That’s like a safe guard so search engines don’t blacklist my site. It’s said curiosity killed that cat, well, this is my curiosity. A recent article about someone buying a CP magazine kicked this all off, combined with AI, the future will not be so black and white. I didn’t want to do any research into this topic either, as the cost of accidently stumbling onto a CP site is quite severe. In a way, it’s very taboo.

 The fact I’m even writing an article about this raises questions in the eyes of a common man. Why would you even be thinking about this? I would be hesitate to recommend my blog to a friend with this article being on the front page. It’s not the best image for myself. Yet at the same time, if one steers away from topics, isn’t that running blindfolded? Trying to avoid what you see and pretend it doesn’t exist is like Chinese mainlanders who come across an uncomfortable truth about China. A Fal Gong practitioner was handing out pamphlets about the Communist party of China’s treatment of them and the Chinese lady covered her ears, stomped forward and sang loudly to avoid the truth. I don’t want to be like that, even if it’s ugly, I want to see the truth of the world.