The Ultimate Vengeance against a Nation? Leaving.

July 17th, 2022

All your actions, ultimately, benefit someone somewhere with power. 9/11, a terrorist attack against America by Osama bin Laden. What was his objective again? What was the purpose? All it did was give impetus to military-intelligence complex to pass new sweeping spying laws and start a war. Nothing, truly, changed for the better. Look at protests, what happens? Either it gets ignored, or suppressed completely, like anti-lockdown protests. What happens as a result? New spying laws get introduced and the mainstream media peddle a violent protest narrative. Our actions serve nothing more than ammo to pass bullshit laws. We’ve hit a point in time of self-fulfilling power cycles. That is those in charge help others of similar corrupt deposition remain in power.

  Protests are either ignored, or spun by the media to allow new laws to be passed. One way or another, they’d be utterly suppressed. Violence is not the option, for it’s only met with increased violence, in which the state has a monopoly on. Not to mention it destroys any popular support and give greater powers to the state to pass bullshit laws. Nor are ignorance and silence the answer, for more and more freedom and liberties would be stripped away. Silence, to a certain extent, is agreement.

  The greatest attack, the greatest act of vengeance is to simply leave. To take our tax dollars, take our minds, our talent, our dreams and ambitions towards a new land of freedom and liberties. Without votes, those in power would have to compromise. Without tax money, they can’t pay off people with free shit, turning policies more sensible. Or, have to take in greater bribes, which becomes extremely obvious. Finally, without our minds, our talents, our multiplicative value will be invested into another land. Overtime, the invested value in another land increases, attracting even more minds there, creating a cycle of wealth and knowledge that has been diminished in the home land. All because we decided to take an ultimate act of vengeance against a nation and it’s government.