Discussion on topics of interest

June 12th, 2022

A Blog and Podcast can naturally attract people who’re interested in your ideas to discuss with you. Instead of needing to have constant conversations where the other party isn’t interested in your thoughts.

A while ago I read an article that said writing is socialisation for introverts and big thinkers. Nothing bores a big thinker more than small talk, the mundane shit about weather, what Gary or Sue did over the weekend, gossip and rumours. All those are of little consequence. They aren’t intellectually stimulating. After telling some friends about my podcast, they engaged me on the topics. Some agreed, others disagreed and offered counter point. By simply broadcasting my thoughts, others were able to discuss the deeper topics that interested me.

  As we get older and older, continuous or spontaneous meetups rarely do occur. Back in the 1800’s, there was salons people gathered together and talked. That would be a natural avenue to explore ideas and gain insights into others. However, such a thing no longer happens. School is one place, but there’s no going back there. Uni is another, except it only lasts 4 years. After that? Perhaps churches if you’re religious, or maybe public transport. The only time people meetup is when planning an event together, going someplace, parties or meeting up for dinner.

  Since these events are planned well in advance, all parties want to enjoy their time together, for such meetups are precious. This makes talking about big topics a risky gamble. You might need to probe for several different topics before one mutually interests both parties. Not to mention you risk boring them to death if they aren’t interested. A blog helps resolves those issues, the other party would only bring up articles they resonated with or enjoyed. Even asking about what articles they read helps, at least we have an idea what they liked. Since writing is dense, the conversations can begin in earnest.

  Introverted people, on average, aren’t on the spot thinkers, we would have to reflect and think about our words first. Which makes writing the best medium of communication. In person discussions, usually, would revolve around what’s already been said, so there’s no on the spot communication. We’d already have an idea of the topic at hand and can converse fluently on the subject matter.

Broadcasting our thoughts also helps connect with others we never thought shared similar ideas, or were interested in deep thoughts. As we age, making new connections becomes more difficult. In addition, deep thinkers are often alone. Writing, after all, is a very solitary act. Thinking doesn’t happen in a party house with EDM blaring out every night. It happens in solitude. Since the mundane everyday conversations bore us, it’s difficult to find those we connect with. Try meeting someone and ask something like, who are you and what do you want, it’s a bit too heavy. There’s a period where others test the waters, where conversations are naturally lighter.

  Even for myself, I never really talk about deeper topics around others in person. There’s no real catalyst for deeper thoughts, it’s just a fun event surrounded by others. Think about parties, everyone’s talking, and everyone wants to talk to others as well. So the natural time to talk to somebody is reduced. Most topics would be simple and short, that can start and stop at any time without dramatic loss to the overall story. If I never communicated my blog or podcast to others, nobody would know I’m a deep thinker.