QR Code Scanner... Another one?

January 12th, 2022

QR Code Scanner

Yes, it’s that time of the year when everyone remakes an existing app that has thousands out there. This time I made a QR Code Scanner that’s entirely web based and can be added to home without installing another app. The limitations are that it more or less only works on Chrome/Chromium based browsers due to using new Web APIs. Furthermore, it’s only for links as it’ll redirect to them immediately.

 Unlike other QR Code scanning apps, that support all QR codes, including text, mine is just for links. By only supporting links, it can redirect immediately to a site, thus being more efficient compared to other apps.

 This was a fun project, the advances in Web APIs make things that were only possible via an app extremely simple. You can even scan barcodes, although my app doesn’t support that, isn’t that amazing?

Check out my QR Code Scanner App.

Completely ad-free, no trackers nothing, just you, the camera and a qr code.