The Beginnings of a Potential Short Story

October 24th, 2021

After reading an excessive amount, I was always interested in writing a story. Except, it takes an insane amount of work to create something at least half decent. I wasn’t going to try, until I kept reading bad story after story, with terrible development, characters and especially token roles. Where one is defined by their sex and features. So, to spite them, I tried to create my own version that was better… Yeah nah, I realise why those stories are so generic, because how damned difficult it is to create a good story!

So here’s my attempt, I hope you can have a read.

Anti-Destiny Hero

Chapter 1

All my life I have been told what I cannot be. All my life people never viewed me as me, but rather as handicapped girl that needs help. Nobody has ever seen me as me. I almost felt the same way, that all I’ll ever amount to is a handicapped girl that people give pity to. Everything changed when a saw that hero, who took down all the bad guys with a smile on his face. It was at that moment I wanted to be a hero and told everyone I knew. But, nobody thought that was possible. For them, a hero isn’t someone in a wheelchair. My parents encouraged me with hidden pity, they didn’t’ believe me and just didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Some of my friends were bemused, “You want to become a hero?” they joked, barely able to suppress their laughter.

Others snarled, “You can’t even get up a flight of stairs yourself, who are you going to save?”, “When someone gets robbed and runs up the stairs, what then? Will you angry tell them to come down?”

From that day onward, I decided to become a hero, no matter what other people say. Even if I’m in a wheelchair, even if I’m a girl, does it matter? I want people to see me as who I choose to become, not what I was born with.

Well, even as I say that, there isn’t too much heroic actions in my day to day life. On my way to University, sometimes I encounter guys hitting on a girl that’s clearly uncomfortable. “Hey, buzz off, she ain’t interested in you lot” I shout. They look around to see who said that and can never see me at first. “Uncomfortable? Impossible, she’s having the time of her life with us” Carl scoffs. I never do manage to convince them, but it gives enough time for the girl to slip away. Carl and co gets a little mad but they don’t do anything to me. As much as I hate to be defined as a wheelchair girl, it is awfully convenient at times.

Behind the veil of benign day to day actions, there is evil larking in the shadows. My University was packed with people till recently, then everyone disappeared off to somewhere. Eavesdropping on others, I pick up strange rumours. “Did you hear that Noah got addicted on Fizz? He hasn’t left his room in weeks now” replied Lane in hushed tones. Leigh nervously looked around and sharply remarked, “Don’t talk about it anymore, you know it’s illegal to take or even discuss drugs in Domni. Just last month some people that were discussing Fizz publicily were pulled away by some dangerous looking people.” It doesn’t seem real though, how could people even get Fizz when drugs are so illegal?

Either way, I ignore those comments and continue to my Mechanical Engineering course. “Hey Kay, made new changes to your ride again?” Isabel beemed. “Of course”, I replied, “Just added some a small motor to my wheels to go a bit faster. It’s not done yet though.” Isabel went full on geek mode on me, asking what the power is and how long it’ll last, you see, she helps me with these modifications. She also knows that I want to be a hero, so it’s a blessing to have someone like her. Even though I’m bound to these wheels, it doesn’t mean the cheapest wheelchair is what I’ll be suck with for the rest of my life. I’m not adding spikes the the wheels like a chariot, nor do I have that much skills, it’s just enough to try out different ideas, which sometimes fails.

After that class was over, I groaned to Isabel, “Finally it’s done, that was a grueling 2 hours.” “Casey really is an intense lecturer, always going so fast! Were you going to finish off your motor changes now” Isabel commented. “Definitely, let’s head to the mechanical workshop now” I stated.