The Potential Collapse of Chinese Anime

October 7th, 2021

Chinese government mandates stories to conform with acceptable Chinese Communist values, thus making anime boring. Boring anime = no watchers = no money = dead industry.

Japanese wares used to be seen as low quality, garbage where the only redeeming factor is the cheap price. But, overtime, their production quality rose higher and higher until today. Where Japanese goods are known for it’s high quality.

 The same story is playing out for China, they used to produce absolute garbage, but it was cheap so everyone bought it. As time goes on, as more money flows in, manufacturing processes are improving to a point where the only low quality products are from dodgy suppliers.

How does this relate to anime you ask? Anime is following the very same trend, it started off as hot garbage and nowadays, it’s decent. Still seen with a stigma of low quality, but evidence of improvements is obvious. The 3D animations isn’t pixar quality yet, the 2D animations still haven’t perfected the art as of now. However, it’s only a matter of time.

 Then, isn’t it strange to say the Chinese anime studios may collapse? After all, the trends are obvious, the population and thus money is free flowing. What could possibly stop such a giant? Itself, yes that’s right, China itself could cause the collapse of Chinese anime. You see, the Chinese government has been ramping up it’s socialist policies and propaganda. Games like Playeruknown’s BattleGrounds required changes to “support the Chinese communist values.” That’s a real story by the way. But people aren’t going to sit there and watch propaganda. Given ones free choice, people will always gravitate towards the most interesting stories and forcefully embedding communist into stories isn’t interesting.

The extreme ramp up of imbuing stories with acceptable Chinese Communist values will reduce the enjoyment of stories. Without people activity enjoying the underlying stories, there’ll be no money to be made in Chinese anime. No money means no talent, no training, no researching the latest techniques. So the Chinese government, by making stories boring due to forceful propaganda, may cause the anime industry to die before it truly blooms. The novel industry is another target, with some post-apocalyptic stories had to revise the year of the demise because of the Communist Party’s 5 year technological superiority plan.